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BTPharma Biogene

BioGene is a unique & high effective formula contains high dose of fully hydrolyzed Collagen (10,000 mg) which is make it highly absorbed. Biogene sachets contain a unique combination of nutrients and vitamins which help provide a comprehensive solution for: skin, joint and gut health, combining high strength collagen, Vitamin E, Vitamin B7 (Biotin), Curcumin extract and vitamin C.   

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BTPharma Vitamin - C Plus

Contains 1000mg of vitamin C and 20mg of zinc - Sachet

Contributes to maintenance of Normal: Function of immune system

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Honix® Ointment

A multi-use dermal ointment provides healthy, moist & nutritious environment that helps skin to renew its layers effectively and safely by its moisturizing & nurturing effects due to its active and safe composition of natural materials.